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The Human Rights

28.11.16 | #Beone

     We live in twenty-first centurie, where people can easily get many techolologies, but were few people know their rights, called The Human Rights. They are written in one document whose name is The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, promoted by ONU.

     The human rights are the rights that you have simply because you are human. There are 30 rights that everyone should know and follow waht they transmit in order to improve the quality of live.

    But in today's world they are disrespected in many countries, in many situations. 

   The human rights say that every human born free and equal in dignity and rights, independently if you are a nurse, secretary, a doctor, of your age, sexuality, religion, nationality, opinion or thoughts, in other words, you have the right to all the rights, freedoms and equalities, you also have the right to be respected, to have a shelter, a family, to love and to be loved, to express what you want.

   It's certainly true that they are universal, everywhere, every time, but when we turn on the Tv and watch the News we can conclude that they are disrespected.

  One example of this, are the global wars that originates many refugees, that become many childrens slaves, that kill many people.

  To sum up, the human rights are written but we should help in their promotion in order to improve our world.



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