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The Globalization

20.03.17 | #Beone

     Nowadays, we live in one simply world, where we can easily get something that before was only produce and marketed in a single country. This is, certainly, one consequence of globalization.


 But, What means the word globalization?

        Globalisation means the reconnected of human community and is the process of internacional integration.

    Over the years, we have been living in a global home where more and more cultura, ideas, knowledge, information and others are exchange between many and different countries around the world.4


 However, Is Globalization Good or Bad?

        I believe that is good, since that promote the interchange of culture, information and product.

    One example is that we can buy a lot of products that also are for sale in other countries.

    Another example, is that we can, in realtime, know what is happening in China, although we aren't living there, what shows that communication is also essencial for globalisation.


    There are also people that say that globalization is terrible, because promote the lost of cultural identity, the oursourcing and the degradation of environment with pollution.



   To sum up we can say that globalization is something that improve the quality of life of people, but we also can say that we need to avoid the disadvantages of globalization.




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