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The Beat Generation

15.05.17 | #Beone

     What can I say about The Beat Generation?


    In first place I can say that "The Beat Generation" was a group of young people who influenced the American culture in the post-World War II era.

    They were a group of people who had a new way to see and to face the world, with nem ideologies and thoughts. For example, they rejected the consumis, the conformist and the materialism. But, they also defended the sexual liberation, the ambiental consciousness, the Eastern spirituality and the global peace.

    Many people decribe The Beat Generation as being a group of rebellious, radical and experimental people, since they had crazy mind, free spirit, they liked travel and the party environment where there are a lot of drugs and alcohol.

    The Beat Generation influenced the American Culture, like Litarature, because a lot of books were published, lik the famous "On the Road". They also like jazz music.


    To sum up, we can say that The Beat Generation was a counterculture where a lot of people express their feeling and their thoughts without filters.




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