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#Be_One Be_Original

One Life, One Day, One boy.

#Be_One Be_Original

One Life, One Day, One boy.

#André em 15.05.17

The Beat Generation

     What can I say about The Beat Generation?       In first place I can say that "The Beat Generation" was a group of young people who influenced the American culture in the post-World (...)
#André em 28.11.16

The Human Rights

     We live in twenty-first centurie, where people can easily get many techolologies, but were few people know their rights, called The Human Rights. They are written in one document whose (...)
#André em 20.03.17

The Globalization

     Nowadays, we live in one simply world, where we can easily get something that before was only produce and marketed in a single country. This is, certainly, one consequence of globalization.
#André em 22.12.16


    O inverno...     Altura de frio, chuva, o quentinho da lareira, a neve, o nevoeiro, noites grandes...    Tudo isto é o que a grande maioria das pessoas associa ao inverno.     (...)